Ocean Blue  Art + Design

Ocean Blue Art + Design is a platform for fine art and design representing a diverse range of artists, styles, and mediums.  Offering a rotating roster of fresh up and coming talent, as well as established artists, to a wide audience provides the opportunity to continually discover.

Ocean Blue Art + Design

Many of the artists you find at Ocean Blue Art + Design are represented exclusively by our gallery and its’ affiliate, Brian Black Art Advisory Group, which manages large scale commercial projects such as luxury residences, hotels, and public art projects.   Through collaboration we are proud to present a variety of other independent artists on a rotating basis.

Because each person is as unique as a work of art, much of the fine art on display at OBAD can be customized to suit your personal aesthetic vision.  Limited edition fine art can be custom produced in the size you prefer, the hanging mobile sculpture represents a jumping off point for customizing the sculpture that will adorn your home or office, whether it measures 10 feet, or 100 feet.  The hand-stained wood mosaic serves as an example of how stunning the mosaic that you commission will look, no matter what size, subject and color you choose.  Our line of OBAD custom furniture is white with walnut wood – which design elements will you choose?

Enjoy a sample of work by the artists we feature here, and simply contact us if you would like to see more.